Konsep diri pada individu waria: Sudi kasus pada IWAMA (Ikatan Waria Malang)

Anshori, Isa (2008) Konsep diri pada individu waria: Sudi kasus pada IWAMA (Ikatan Waria Malang). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim.

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The majority personal behaviors are determined by our concept or can be said that personal behavior will be appropriate with personal ways in considering and judging themselves. A basic component of individual concept is sex role identity which constitutes conceptualism of masculinity and feminism: how the person can adapt with beliefs which are approved by public deal with characteristics appropriate for man and women (Burns, 1993). Transsexual is person with the physic as man but he has desire to be woman so in his interaction with the environment, transsexual shows attitude and behavior which are not appropriate with his genital physic.

This recourse has goal to know the self-concept of transsexual and to know the factors with influence the self-concept of transsexual. The subjects here are three man who have characteristics as follows: a). who consider himself as a woman b) who is often or ever contact with transsexual c.) who is in early-middle-age (18-40 years), physic and psychology changes which accompany lack of reproductive ability (Hurlock, 1980) d.) show another sex identity continuously at least 2 years.

The data collective methods are used interview and observation. From the result of the data analysis can be concluded that personal concept of transsexual divided into four categories:

1. Self-judgment physically, the subject tends to conceal his identity as man.

2. Self-judgment physically, the subject decides to show. Himself as woman consciously and available in the environment when entry the grown step of adult (16-18 years), judge themselves as woman, have awareness that transsexual have different sexual with the other.
3. Self-judgment morally, the subject considered that responsibility of his constitutes his privacy. Because life as transsexual is the choice of personal subject.
4. Self-judgment socially, judge a man can be sexual relation otherwise a woman just can be a friend, he tends to feel uncomforted interaction in environment, he likes if the environment treat him as woman.

There are factors which is influence transsexual to build their personal concept:
1. An internal factor, there is a controversy between their desire to be a woman but the fact that they are man, and they feel comfort with their genetic appearance.
2. An external factor, the environment usually unaware with the strange
attitude, which far from their own sex, social interaction with transsexual, there is a rejection from the family at the beginning as transsexual and there is no support to convince them to be man.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Supervisor: Yahya, Yahya
Keywords: Personal Concept; Transsexual
Departement: Fakultas Psikologi
Depositing User: Desy Putri Andika
Date Deposited: 12 Aug 2016 03:06
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