Agama, persaudaraan, dan ikatan emosional: Harmoni sosial minoritas Muslim Papua Barat

Wekke, Ismail Suardi Agama, persaudaraan, dan ikatan emosional: Harmoni sosial minoritas Muslim Papua Barat. Dialog Ramadhan, Masika ICMI Orwil Sulawesi Selatan di Makassar, 11 Juli 2015..


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Religion is a way to start a war. It seems that trough religion, a group of people would kill other groups because different choice of believe. On the other hand, Papua and West Papua reflect change pattern. Religion is a pillar for agreementand religiosity. This paper expands the recent condition of West Papua society.

They choose different religion in one big family. However, these differences do not make a chance to divide but opportunities to thigh their solidarity and unity. There are a lot of moments to redirect the statement. Musabaqah Tilaqatil Quran and Paduan Suara Gereja (PESPARAWI) are two of them. Both events are a chance to work together. They tried to hold the festival even though this is a benefit for one group of people. In addition, they make it as a pride of provincial people. It is not for Muslim or Christian only, but also for of the people of West Papua. Another sample is higher education. The university is organized under certain religious organization. Those universities did not close to student from different religious choice. They participate to the class and chair many position relate to educational situation. On the religious celebration, the city celebrates it together and tried to cheer up other in extending the meal package or parcel as a gift for the neighbor. Last practice is place of prayership. Mosque and Church formed with support from others religion belivers.

Finally, this article concludes that religion in West Papua
does not seem as the source of problem. Moreover, it is the pillar of society to extend the kinship and emotional relationship. The social institution is bigger that a matter of religion. Brotherhood is the key of relation in the society to conserve the peace and harmony.

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